【英語学習編】質問をする時のフレーズ / Phrase when asking questions

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オラフィーがこちらに赴任した時は「Excuse me, Sir or Ma'am . Do you have a moment ? 」や「I have a few questions.」等一般的に知られているフレーズを使っていました。決して間違えではありません😁😁が、流石に職場に慣れてきたらもっとカジュアルにコミュニケーションを取りたいですよね❓そんな風に思っていた時に、オラフィーの会社の購買のマネージャーがよく電話で以下のフレーズを連呼していました😲😲


「Quick question!」

「Easy question for you!」


ニュアンス的には「ちょっといい?」という意味です。Easy question for youは購買ならではの言い方だなぁと思いました。営業のメンバーもQuick questionは使いますが、Easy question for youはほとんど使用しません(仲間の中では使用します)。








Hey Guys❗I'm Olaffy❗

A year and a half has already passed since I came to teh US. Time fries!  Meanwhile, I will introduce the phrases that remained in the impression when I am actually working with co-worker "How to use this phrase!"

I'd like to introduce a phrase when asking questions

When I started working my office, I used commonly known phrases such as "Excuse me, Sir or Ma'am. Do you have a moment?" Or "I have a few questions." These phrases are not mistakes, but when you get accustomed to your work you want to get more casual communication ❓ When I thought like that,  Iheard the purchasing manager often used the  following phrase.


「Quick question!」

「Easy question for you!」


I thought that ”Easy question for you” is a unique phrase of purchasing. Members of sales also use "Quick question", but we hardly use "Easy question for you." (I use it internally).


As I get used to work, my co-worker do not hesitate to talk to me at native speed, so these phrases are very useful


I would like to introduce another useful phrase: )


See you!


Thank you,