【生活編】危険な寒さ❄ / Dangerous cold❄

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本日朝起きてニュースを観ているとしきりにこんな文字が飛び込んできました。"Dangerous Cold"


そうそう!寒いのは危険だよね!って単にそういう意味ではないんです。オラフィーが住んでいるインディアナ州では日常的に20°F(0℃)を下回る日があり、我々日本人にとって"Dangerous"であっても米人にとっては普通なんて事はよくあります。そんなアメリカで"Dangerous Cold"になるのは非常に珍しいんです。天気予報では0°F(-18℃)まで冷え込むとあり、その結果


1. 学校は大学も含めてお休み。

2. 外出はせずに、できるだけ家で過ごす事。

3. USPS(米郵便公社)がイリノイアイオワなど6州の全域と、カンザス州など4州の一部で郵便の配達を中止すると発表。



さらには ミネソタ州北部では体感温度が約-65°Fになり、1982年に記録した-71°Fに並ぶ可能性もあるそう。ミネアポリスセントポールでは肌ををわずか5分露出しただけでも凍傷の恐れがあるとの情報も・・・・










Hey Guys❗I'm Olaffy❗

I got up this morning and saw these words when I was watching the news. "Dangerous Cold"


Yes Yes! It is dangerous to be cold! It just does not mean that. In Indiana, there are days when the temperature often under 20 ° F (0  °C).It is dangerous forJapanese, but it is

not "dangerous" for Americans. Therefore, it is very unusual to become "Dangerous Cold" in the US. The weather forecast says it will be 0 ° F (-18 ° C).


As a result, these are happening 😲😲😲

1. School is closed including university.

2. Do not go out and spend as much time as possible at home.

3. USPS (U.S. Postal Service) announced that it will stop mail delivery in all six provinces such as Illinois and Iowa and some of the four states including Kansas State.


Furthermore, in the northern part of Minnesota, the sensible temperature reaches about -65 ° F, and there is a possibility of becoming -71 ° F recorded in 1982. In Minneapolis and St. Paul, information that there is the possibility of frostbite even just exposing the skin for only 5 minutes ...


Fearsome thing that in Chicago in Illinois state it is possible to reach the past -26 ° F (-32 ° C) . It is colder than the North Pole lol


I tried to go out, but I could only withstand one minute. 💦💦 Today I will quietly stay at

home ❗


See you!


Thank you,