【生活編】アメリカのファーストフードのクーポン / The coupon of fast food in the US

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1. Burger King
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日本でもお馴染みBurger King。Whopperのボリュームは中々のものです。オラフィーのおススメのクーポンは「Whopper Jr. -Meal for two-」です。Whopper Jr.では少し物足りないかもしれませんが、ポテトと一緒に食べればお腹が膨れると思います。さらにポテトもついてきて、当然の如く飲み物も一緒です。飲み物のサイズはSサイズですが、日本のMサイズ相当なのと、ご存知の通りお替りし放題です😲😲これでなんと$5で食べれるのはお得だと思います❕

. Wendy's

こちらも日本でおなじみWendy's。赤毛の女の子のロゴが特徴的です。Wendy'sはオラフィーの住むインディアナ州の隣の州である、オハイオ州のコロンバスが1号店出店の地です。“Quality Is Our Recipe”(品質が私たちのレシピ)が会社にスローガンでもあったように米人も納得の味。創業者デイブ・トーマスさんの名前が入ったDave's Burgerがオラフィーはおススメです。

3. Arby's

"We have the MEATs"で有名なArby's。日本にも昔は店舗があったそうですが、すべて撤退してしまっているそうです。ローストビーフサンドイッチをベースとしたハンバーガーが有名です。

4. Dunkin' Donuts
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説明不要のドーナッツ屋さん。Dunkin' Donutsです。実はオラフィーは未だ行ったことがありません(笑)







Hey Guys❕ I'm Olaffy❕
Fast food is the US🍔🍔it's a joke, there are alot of fast food store in the US😁😁

We don't eat fast food so much, but we use a variety of fast food store. Also, it is very useful to use a coupon📜📜 Therefore, I would like to introduce the coupons which were in our mail box.



1. Burger King
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"Burger King" is also famous in Japan.  The coupon for my recommendation is "Whopper Jr. -Meal for two-".  I think "Whopper Jr." is alittle small for me, but it is OK to eat french fries. Nothing to say, we can have french fries and drinks.  The size of drinks is "S" size, but as you know, American S size means Japanese M size. Also you can refill drinks.  I think that it is profitable to eat at $5 with this.

2. Wendy's

"Wendy's" is also famous in Japan. Company's logo is a girl who has a red hair.  The first store was opened in columbus, Ohio state, which is located in Indiana state. As the company slogan was “Quality Is Our Recipe”, american mericans also love their taste.
Dave's Burger including the name of founder Dave Thomas is my recommendation.

3. Arby's
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It is famous for "We have the MEATs".  There were some stores in Japan, but no stores in Japan for now.  Arby's is famous for a burger based on Roast beef sandwich.

4. Dunkin' Donuts
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No need to explain, It is Dunkin 'Donuts.  Actually, I have not eaten yet. lol

In this article, I only introduced the coupon which is major fast food shop we have, but there are a lot of fast food shops in the US. Next time, I would like to introduce other fast food shops.;p

See you❕

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