【生活編】月食観測について / About observation of a total eclipse of the moon

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Hey Guys❕I'm Olaffy❕

Last Sunday was a total eclipse of the moon🌒  It wasn't able to observe it because of the daytime, but I could see it in the US 🔭 I tried to take a picture, but I could not take a beautiful shot for the iPhone 😥


This time, the phenomenon of "Super Moon" which the full moon is closest to the earth and looks bigger and "Blood Moon" which the moon looks red with the total lunar eclipse have occurred at the same time. Furthermore, since the first full moon in January is called "Wolf Moon", this lunar eclipse is called "Super Blood Wolf Moon" 🌒🌔


It was 12:12 in the midnight that I could observe a total eclipse of the moon in the best condition in Indiana, so I stayed up late. Also, last Sunday the temperature went down to near 0 ℉, so it got cold from the core of my body just stayed 1 or 2 minutes outside the house.


However, since these phenomena were rarely observable, we were able to observe and were very satisfied. ❕ I am looking forward to seeing events in the future night sky and I would like to actively observe it. 😜


See you!


Thank you,