【旅行編】小旅行・ミズーリ州(セントルイス/セントルイス動物園) / Travel to Missouri ( St. Louis / Saint Louis zoo ) Historic Hill & Red Rocks

<Written in both Japanese and English>




Because a lot of photographs are necessary for the explanation, I will write it in both Japanese and English.


Hey Guys❗ I'm ollafy❗


今回はセントルイス動物園のHistoric Hill & Red Rocksエリアについてご紹介します。

This time, I would like to introduce you to the Historic Hill & Red Rocks area of St. Louis Zoo.

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Historic Hillでは鳥、爬虫類や両生類、霊長類等をみる事ができます。

At Historic Hill you can see birds, reptiles, amphibians(Herpetarium) and primates.


最初はBird House & Gardenに行きました。Bird House & Gardenでは特に鷲やコンドルなど大きな鳥をみる事が出来ました。また、Bird House & Gardenでは熱帯雨林から砂漠まで、さまざまな鳥達がおり、 囲いも垂直の細いステンレス鋼線でできており、とてもよくみる事が出来ます。

At first we went to Bird House & Garden. At Bird House & Garden, I could see big birds such as eagles and condors. Bird House & Garden also offers a wide range of birds, from rainforests to deserts.There are also the enclosure is made of thin vertical stainless steel wire, which you can see very well.

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Next is the Herpetarium area.



Four climates await you inside the Mediterranean-style stucco building with a red tile roof, the Charles H. Hoessle Herpetarium. Montane, temperate, tropical and desert are represented habitats for reptiles and amphibians. As you make your way around inside the building, you 'll notice natural climate settings including trees, vines, rocks and water for each species. Indoor / outdoor yards for crocodilians and giant tortoises feature waterfalls, pools, trees and grassy yards.  The photo is not posted because some people may not be good at reptiles and amphibians😅😅.


Historic Hillエリアの最後はPrimate Houseです。ここでは霊長類をみる事が出来ます。

At the end of the Historic Hill area is Primate House.  You can see primates here.

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Walk fairly fast, 40 minutes from the entrance to here ❕ What a large place ❕


お次はRed Rocksエリアです。

Next is the Red Rocks area.


Red Rocksエリアでは猫(虎、ライオン笑)やターキン、ソマリノロバ、アンテロープラクダ、シマウマ、キリン、オカピ、ダチョウ、カンガルーなどの動物をみる事が出来ます。

In the Red Rocks area you can see animals such as cats (Tigers, lions lol), takins, somarino Wild Ass, antelopes, camels, zebras, giraffes, okapis, ostriches and kangaroos.


まずはBig Cat Country❕❕トラってネコ科なんですよね(笑)

First of all, Big Cat Country ❕ ❕ Tiger is a cat family lol

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Everyone spent their time leisurely, but it was so cold in March that everyone slept lol.



We went straight along the road. We can see Takin, Somali Wild Ass, Antelope.

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Red Rocksエリアの最後にはみんなお待ちかね、ラクダ、シマウマ、キリン、オカピ、ダチョウ、カンガルーがお出迎えです。

At the end of the Red Rocks area are the animals that everyone was waiting to see: camels, zebras, giraffes, okapis, ostriches and kangaroos.

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At this point, I've finally reached one-third of the park ❕ ❕ If I walk slowly, I'll be able to spend the whole day ☀ This time it's up to here.



Next time I would like to introduce the remaining animals and areas.