【生活編】アメリカの水道水について / About tap water in the US.

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次の日起きてみると食器に、、、白いカス ❗❗




今現在、我が家では近くのCostcoの「kirkland springwater 500ml 40本パック」を購入して主な飲料水にしています。






Hello❕ I'm "Olaffy". 1 year already has passed since I came to the US. Time flies:) I would like to introduce one of the things I was surprised :p

It happend the first day of my US life. I came back to my house and I had a dinner, did a chores (Washing dishes) after greeting our company's co-worker. Because I didin't prepare some daily necessities,  I lay a kitchen towel and left dishes as it is without wiping. Also, I heard that Indiana is drier than Japan, I thought it is not nessesary to wipe dishes.

When I got up the next day, the dishes was covered with white powder.....

Oh my God!! I will be arrested!! I don't want be a criminal❕❕ ,,,,  Just kidding :p I was convinced that this was what I heard. As a reason, tap water in the US seems to be caused by a lot of hard water and containing a lot of calcium. Those who had lived in the US before, "I was listening to the story that stones had gathered in the body after returning Japan (I'm not sure if there is such a thing actuallyhappens.) because I was drinking the tap water as it is" .So, when I actually experienced it, it was surprising that it was true. I am a timid person, so I went to the nearby Walmart and Kroger to buy the drinking water 😁

Our current main drinking water is "Costco kirkland springwater 500ml-40 bottles"❕❕

Thank you,